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I have been following the blog  for some time now and have shared several of the posters published there with my students, who find them helpful in terms of summarizing what they have studied and providing visual help to go over some vocabulary and grammar items.  The posters are accompanied by games and / or some exercises too, and I believe this makes it more enjoyable both for  teachers and students.

The poster above is a nice example from and it also provides some games and exercises. After students revise the theory over the poster, they them practise using defining relative clauses with games such as Defining relative clauses – Penalty  and Defining relative clauses – En Garde . Finally , they can do the cloze test too.  Defining relative clauses – Cloze test.

I definitely believe your students will enjoy practising with

Would you like some fun in your classes?

Would you like some fun in your classes? Well, you can try “” then. offers a variety of pritable games, powerpoint games and game templates.

I also encourage my students to use this website to create their own games. After they create their own grammar or vocabulary games, they email them to me so that I can chect and correct their mistakes and modify them if neccessary. we have a games folder on the desktop of our class computer , and I keep a copy of the games prepared so that students can copy them to their removeable disks and play them whenever they like too.