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Are you looking for fun games for language learners? Episode 1

2014-08-17_0024 offers a variety of games on punctuation, sentence structure , prefixes and suffixes, and word types as well as quizzes, videos and worksheets. 


When you visit the page and click on “Games”, you can have access to a range of Reading, Grammar , Writing , Word and Spelling games. 







Unfortunately, the website does not provide any templates, and therefore you can use only the ones that meets your students’ language learning targets. What is for sure is that your students will definitely have fun playig them. 





For example , this game asks your students to pick their own vocabulary so that they can create their own stories. fun_brain__03_They select the adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns in the story , and eventually they create their own story. If you like you can get a printable quiz funbrain_000059r01at the end of the game. 


JING : A practical tool to take screen shots and to share them !

JING is a very practical tool to take screen shots, to capture short videos and to share them with others ot to use them in your documents. I highly recommend you watch the instructional video(s) right after you download the application.




I use JING in a number  of ways. For example,  while preparing infographics or powerpoint presentations , it is really helpful.  Below is an example how I used it in my writing class while we were brainstorming  on how to narrow down the topic to provide background information. I am sure you can come up with several other ways to use JING 🙂

YARCAN 06 08 2014