TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

teded_logo_squareTED-Ed is a great tool to create a lesson accompanied with a while-watching video quiz accompanied by other activities including reading, writing and discussion activities, using the available free videos on YouTube. You can

You can create quizzes depending on theme your students are studying in their courses and the grammar item they are practicing. The default quiz maker allows you not only to create your own video quizzes but also to adapt and modify the available video lessons  in the archive of TED-Ed.

The TED-Ed instructional video on YouTube gives more than enough clues on the use of the platform. Also, The video tutorial on TED-Ed by EmergingEdTech on YouTube guides perfectly well on how to create your own video lesson.

By clicking here, you can watch the TED-Ed lesson I prepared in order to provide my students with some more practice on the use of passive voice, using a YouTube video on chocolate.

I hope you will also enjoy using TED-Ed to prepare lessons through videos.