Undoubtedly, we have watched many utopian and dystopian stories about technology told in popular films from “Metropolis” to “the Matrix”.  The two of them I would like to write about are “Surrogates” and “Island”.

“SURROGATES” :srgates

“Surrogates” is set in a futuristic world  where humans live in isolation in their own homes , carry out their daily tasks outside home and at work by interacting  through surrogate robots. At the beginning , this may sound as a utopian story where while robots do anything for them,  humans rest and take their time to do whatever they like in their homes being in full control of their surrogates. However, it actually  depicts a dystopian story where humans start to lose their human qualities by depending too much on robots.

ISLAND : island

“Island” is based on a dystopian story in which men and women are  actually treated as  “harvestable beings”, and are kept as a source of replacement parts in a Utopian facility.

In both of these films, what overcomes the technology dominance is human feelings and human features.

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