Causes Of Car Accidents

A majority of individuals benefit from transportation, cars in particular, in order that they can facilitate their daily life. However, in the last fifty years, people have been affected negatively by cars because of the negative effects of traffic such as traffic jams and air pollution as well as car accidents. Every passing day, the number of car accidents is increasing for two major reasons which can be listed as alcohol and carelessness issues.

First of all, car accidents occur due to drink driving. That is, when individuals are drunk, their level of attention and concentration decreases immediately. As a result of this, they lose the control of their cars, and inevitably, car accidents take place. For instance, students who join a party with their friends consume a considerable amount of alcohol, and drive their cars instead of calling a taxi to get back home. As a consequence, students driving their cars back home after drinking alcohol may collide with another car. This situation may lead to injuries or even loss of lives. In short, driving a car after drinking alcohol may result in car accidents.

Another significant reason why car accidents happen is carelessness problem. That means, if people take care of something while driving a car, they may crash another car, and eventually they may get hurt or innocent people may die due to their carelessness. To illustrate, individuals who call their friends with their cell phones or listen to music loudly have more possibility to have an accident as mobile phones and loud music distract drivers attention. To illustrate, a person who is holding his mobile phone with one hand and the steering wheel with the other may not control his car appropriately when the car in front of his car stops suddenly.  Briefly, car accidents occur because of not being careful.

In the light of the ideas mentioned above, it can be concluded that the number of car accidents which go up every day can be at least decreased if people drive their cars without having drinks and if they are more careful in traffic. Therefore, governments should give a lot of commercials on television to prevent car accidents. There is no doubt that every driver should take into consideration these advertisements so that they can avoid accidents!

                                           Tuğba Varlık / C1-6   2013-2014 SUMMER SCHOOL                                                                                                            

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