Preparing cloze tests to supplement your course material is unbelievably easy with www.learnclick.com

I have tried a variety of different available online so far, but among them, www.learnclick.com stands out as preparing cloze tests from authentic materials using www.learnclick.com takes relatively shorter .

All you need to do is to find texts related your theme and copy and past it into the editing box of www.learnclick.com.  You can make changes in the text to match your target grammar or vocabulary items . Next, you choose the cloze test format you want to apply and click on the “Show the Quiz” button.  You proofread the cloze test generated and if there is no need for further editing, you can save your quiz

This week our theme was crime and we studied the vocabulary on crime. I googled one of the words we studied and found an article. Then, following the steps above, I have created  a brand need cloze test to supplement what I have covered for the last week.

www.learnclick.com  is a great tool to generate your own cloze test in  a short time, and I am sure you will also find it worth trying.

Quiz 6                Solutions – Quiz 6            gonzalez 

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